Sole Human-endeavour!

Sole Human-endeavour!
When we were little, we had dreams
that filled our eyes through the silver moon beams
Some naive and silly , Some super significant
Each tiny tact would have us inspiration stuck

With a rush of compassion to make it all from big to small.

Brave wings to fight up petty things ,
Always sprouted from back to risk up any innings ,
Crafting these in the heart, we never thought of anything apart.
Some of us are now living those dreams,

And the rest of us drifted away into distant beginings .

The fling we all had like little soldiers within ,
Faded away into the skies unseen.
Losing childishness along the way,
We mature , We grow up ,we realize and we get old.
Somewhere in between adoloscence to middlescence ,

Most of us often notice a dip in the drive – A deadlock.

A deadlock-Where we do not want get into the future
Nor do we want to get ahead of our past.
Dreams are now fantasies of escape from responsibilities ,
and Wishes are to fullfill the parts of self that no one cares .
Seeking that now will be an unchangeable past in no time

Amidst all the chaos we stand still with one desire clear .

An undying hope that lives longer and counts bigger,
than the number of times we have gone around the sun.
A wish to make it big and shine under the limelight ,
An ambition to get glorious and stay infinite forever.
A hope of no matter what and how I am gonna make it someday
This dream keeps us going , gives us a living and has a healing from life .

The voice of an ugly duckling ,
battling herself within,
to get out of the box she had locked herself in.
A quagmire of hypocrisy,
She survives in ,
Struggling hard to sustain.
Outliving the chaotic terrain,
Strangled with the society’s stereotyping,
Rhapsodizing happy sad songs of the heart,
She observes as a way of healing.

Depressed :(

Depressed :(

Sadness – let me embrace it untill I get over what knocked my smiles away,
Suffering – let me dwell in this pool of pain until there cant be any more withering,
Broken – let me refrain untill I shake hands with an unusual abrupt begining ,
Tearfull – let me weep my eyes out untill my silentous cries cause defeaning,
Sickness – let my spirit rot untill I cant sew up the parasites in my head,
Weakness – let me slouch so low that emotions can be heeded no more,
Sorrowfull – let me agonize as much untill my nerves roar all the numbness out,
Hopeless – let me toss down untill I dont see my tomorrow any better than black,
Depressed – Is all I want to be .
Depressed – Just let me be untill I cant build my spine of steel.


She can find the missing socks in a cupboard that seemed empty,
She can kick back a tiring day and wind it down with her welcoming smile.
She never ceases to unburden us with her charm,

She is Magic, She is Mom!

She gets you annoyed,sometimes overjoyed ,
A dainty little sister If you have one on your side ,
Happiness is never devoid.

She can lift your spirit up just like a tide ,
Spin you down on a roller coaster ride.
With her,the universe remains undiminished and entire ,
She is your best half and the best bride.

She lightens your day like a golden sunlight
In the darkest of nights, her presence a twisted solace,
Her absence an emotional void , the women in your life
Deprived of whom life would be destroyed.

A son can never be a daughter, but a daughter can always be the son,
Holding the heart of steel behind their sweetest grins.
The essence for the sheer existence of a man,
Had it not been for a woman mankind wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Inner beauty?

Inner beauty?
How often are you impartial and unbiased ?
How much do you rate yourself as a person who discriminates ?
No chance ! Never !! Is that what your head just said ?
But your conscience talks a different story . Doesn’t it ?

Would you pick up an ugly looking stray dog and tame it while right next to it
Stood a domesticated fluff looking , well trained human’s best friend ?
Would you marry someone who is just an ordinary guy?
Why would one greet an average looking girl when there is a pretty face around ?Everything sounds so right , do you sense anything wrong at all?
Ignorant to Inmost Inner beauty,
our delight somehow lies in stooping towards
the Color of the Skin ,Creed and the Cost.

While we happily spend our lives savoring this irony
of being wooed by these temporary immaterials ,
Little do we realize that a harsh looking tender hearted human,
Like the crab walking sideways at the shore ,
with hard outer shell and spineless insides,
Is Falling prey to a needless suffering in the sail of self esteem.

How is this meek looking man, a poor colored woman or a fat looking kid
to justify their disability to strike your chauvinistic eyes ?
Was this iniquity defaulted to us by birth or
Had we swallowed so much pride in our nerves that has blinded us.
Sadly , being considerate , humble and kind
and most importantly Being Human is so not vogue these days.



A bad day caused my slumber to delay
On my bed I lay where I am done for today.
Thoughts Rushing in head with seamless gravity,
Sometimes I am quenched with my own inability,
Of Never retiring from the worlds captivity .
The next morning I wake up late to my stupidity,
Stupidity of Ignoring the alarm to Infinity.
No you do not have to pity, oversleeping is no audacity.
While asleep I just want all of me a little more,
So the entire universe I consider a sophomore.
Coz I love to zonk out of this rat raced city
And queen the land with hibernating facility.
Now I wake up to reality,
Only to see the probability and possibility
For me to remark that Sweetheart,
Life is No Serendipity!!

The Underdog

The Underdog
There is this undisputed fear breathing down my neck
Every minute second and hour ,
The fear of drowning in the sea bed of this world unfair.
Cold and breathless I feel stuck in the cloud of turncoats,
Sullied souls to me rendered this fluence in silence , a toxic tumor
With a stone in the neck that I can never get over.
Stabbing over and over with a wicked smile these worms are clever,
Handicapped they got me these jitters I still cower.
Misanthropic ,unwilling or cautious , unsure of what I could be called.
Under this disability lies my courage to withstand the silent combat
between the voices of my vengeance and my tolerance.
My Strength lies in swimming upstream in this dog-eat-dog world,
To remain sober , sane and humane is what I believe ,
Cheers! If I stayed an underdog in this immoral game.