The voice of an ugly duckling ,
battling herself within,
to get out of the box she had locked herself in.
A quagmire of hypocrisy,
She survives in ,
Struggling hard to sustain.
Outliving the chaotic terrain,
Strangled with the society’s stereotyping,
Rhapsodizing happy sad songs of the heart,
She observes as a way of healing.


Depressed :(

Depressed :(

Sadness – let me embrace it untill I get over what knocked my smiles away,
Suffering – let me dwell in this pool of pain until there cant be any more withering,
Broken – let me refrain untill I shake hands with an unusual abrupt begining ,
Tearfull – let me weep my eyes out untill my silentous cries cause defeaning,
Sickness – let my spirit rot untill I cant sew up the parasites in my head,
Weakness – let me slouch so low that emotions can be heeded no more,
Sorrowfull – let me agonize as much untill my nerves roar all the numbness out,
Hopeless – let me toss down untill I dont see my tomorrow any better than black,
Depressed – Is all I want to be .
Depressed – Just let me be untill I cant build my spine of steel.

Identity Crisis!!

Identity Crisis!!
I have no Identity
I belong here , I belong there,
But I belong nowhere.
My heart wanders every where,
Only to find that nobody would care.
Homeless I feel, having my heart on wheel,
Figuring out my way through these pricky coral reeves.
Id swim it all and have it up my sleeve,
For Home is where heart is,
I have none for I had lost the second one.
With No Identity life is a long run .
I belong here , I belong there,
But I belong nowhere.