Sole Human-endeavour!

Sole Human-endeavour!
When we were little, we had dreams
that filled our eyes through the silver moon beams
Some naive and silly , Some super significant
Each tiny tact would have us inspiration stuck

With a rush of compassion to make it all from big to small.

Brave wings to fight up petty things ,
Always sprouted from back to risk up any innings ,
Crafting these in the heart, we never thought of anything apart.
Some of us are now living those dreams,

And the rest of us drifted away into distant beginings .

The fling we all had like little soldiers within ,
Faded away into the skies unseen.
Losing childishness along the way,
We mature , We grow up ,we realize and we get old.
Somewhere in between adoloscence to middlescence ,

Most of us often notice a dip in the drive – A deadlock.

A deadlock-Where we do not want get into the future
Nor do we want to get ahead of our past.
Dreams are now fantasies of escape from responsibilities ,
and Wishes are to fullfill the parts of self that no one cares .
Seeking that now will be an unchangeable past in no time

Amidst all the chaos we stand still with one desire clear .

An undying hope that lives longer and counts bigger,
than the number of times we have gone around the sun.
A wish to make it big and shine under the limelight ,
An ambition to get glorious and stay infinite forever.
A hope of no matter what and how I am gonna make it someday
This dream keeps us going , gives us a living and has a healing from life .



A bad day caused my slumber to delay
On my bed I lay where I am done for today.
Thoughts Rushing in head with seamless gravity,
Sometimes I am quenched with my own inability,
Of Never retiring from the worlds captivity .
The next morning I wake up late to my stupidity,
Stupidity of Ignoring the alarm to Infinity.
No you do not have to pity, oversleeping is no audacity.
While asleep I just want all of me a little more,
So the entire universe I consider a sophomore.
Coz I love to zonk out of this rat raced city
And queen the land with hibernating facility.
Now I wake up to reality,
Only to see the probability and possibility
For me to remark that Sweetheart,
Life is No Serendipity!!