She can find the missing socks in a cupboard that seemed empty,
She can kick back a tiring day and wind it down with her welcoming smile.
She never ceases to unburden us with her charm,

She is Magic, She is Mom!

She gets you annoyed,sometimes overjoyed ,
A dainty little sister If you have one on your side ,
Happiness is never devoid.

She can lift your spirit up just like a tide ,
Spin you down on a roller coaster ride.
With her,the universe remains undiminished and entire ,
She is your best half and the best bride.

She lightens your day like a golden sunlight
In the darkest of nights, her presence a twisted solace,
Her absence an emotional void , the women in your life
Deprived of whom life would be destroyed.

A son can never be a daughter, but a daughter can always be the son,
Holding the heart of steel behind their sweetest grins.
The essence for the sheer existence of a man,
Had it not been for a woman mankind wouldn’t have lasted this long.


Inner beauty?

Inner beauty?
How often are you impartial and unbiased ?
How much do you rate yourself as a person who discriminates ?
No chance ! Never !! Is that what your head just said ?
But your conscience talks a different story . Doesn’t it ?

Would you pick up an ugly looking stray dog and tame it while right next to it
Stood a domesticated fluff looking , well trained human’s best friend ?
Would you marry someone who is just an ordinary guy?
Why would one greet an average looking girl when there is a pretty face around ?Everything sounds so right , do you sense anything wrong at all?
Ignorant to Inmost Inner beauty,
our delight somehow lies in stooping towards
the Color of the Skin ,Creed and the Cost.

While we happily spend our lives savoring this irony
of being wooed by these temporary immaterials ,
Little do we realize that a harsh looking tender hearted human,
Like the crab walking sideways at the shore ,
with hard outer shell and spineless insides,
Is Falling prey to a needless suffering in the sail of self esteem.

How is this meek looking man, a poor colored woman or a fat looking kid
to justify their disability to strike your chauvinistic eyes ?
Was this iniquity defaulted to us by birth or
Had we swallowed so much pride in our nerves that has blinded us.
Sadly , being considerate , humble and kind
and most importantly Being Human is so not vogue these days.