Sadness – let me embrace it untill I get over what knocked my smiles away,
Suffering – let me dwell in this pool of pain until there cant be any more withering,
Broken – let me refrain untill I shake hands with an unusual abrupt begining ,
Tearfull – let me weep my eyes out untill my silentous cries cause defeaning,
Sickness – let my spirit rot untill I cant sew up the parasites in my head,
Weakness – let me slouch so low that emotions can be heeded no more,
Sorrowfull – let me agonize as much untill my nerves roar all the numbness out,
Hopeless – let me toss down untill I dont see my tomorrow any better than black,
Depressed – Is all I want to be .
Depressed – Just let me be untill I cant build my spine of steel.


3 thoughts on “Depressed :(

  1. Hey, I hope this is not how you feel. If you need someone to talk to I am available. You can check out my blog too. I’ve gone through depression and I blog about my experience, in hopes to help people going through the same. Speak soon!


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