With that one shoulder your heart yearns to rest on ,
to have that sole someone’s fingers caress your teary cheeks all night long,
to revive your balance with an aiding hand if you ever stumble,
Isn’t Sadness also a blissful sight to look upon?

Without the engrossed talks of what you have been working on,
Holding hard on your expressions that would make sense to only one,
Disheartening your eyes for who they want to gaze on,
Isn’t your Excitement going for a toss around?

When you are deprived of those deary arms next to you right ,
that make you go breathless and squeeze you into their hugs tight,
to compliment your wining moments and glorify the gladsomeness ,
lacking the essence without that someone’s soulful presence
Isn’t Happiness half done and unsound?

Could be your cutest pet or a darling friend,
Your sweetest love or your mighty grandpa,
With thoughts all about this cherished one ,
That redefine life and make living worthwhile,
Isn’t Emptiness full with ample of lost smiles?


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