As the morning light snuck into my window and creeped onto my sleepy face,
I vaguely heard his deep voice in the background noise.Stay! He claimed.
Let’s make life a dreamland worth living for !! He exclaimed .
I didn’t want to wake up ever!
I wanted to live in the dream and end it never.
Oh that voice that captures the beat in my heart like an art .
His smile like a magic wand that would always win over mine with all demand .
His touch owned every inch of mine with full command.
His hug the warmest , like I have been trodden to the Everest ,
Only to get my chin rest over his chest.
I feel the rush in my blood that broke like a flood,
With a fright of being lost in his ethereal eyes .
His love like the sweetest lullaby for his weary headed baby .
I wanted to fly out of my dream into reality sporting all his love ,
On my shoulders like the new birds wings .
Before I could fly away to my dreams, Unfortunately the dawn broke in.
Like the sunset lasts into the night, the beautiful dream lasted into the daylight .
Wait . Was that a dream? Never did it seem.
I want to scream and get back to that stream .
Home I felt as long as my eyes didn’t see the tiny beam .
Oh Boy ! Did sunshine bring darkness to me out of the mainstream? 😦

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