I am just another victimized papillon of this season called technology, I am a paralyzed social butterfly that cannot fly! What gives me a high is just a recognition in the whole worldly play. I want to be the protagonist, I want to be the unique one, and I want to win over every one! What am I?

You want to know my ply? My heart flies at the age of ten plus five and then life on my face gives me the hardest high five. Every broken bit of me I gather while my conscience is standing there looking at me with that victorious sly. Did I not warn you that this was coming by? Oh yes! Now go behave like life has been tapping that annoying rhythm on your back until you cry! Cry and then to be a rebel you try.

Yet again as I reckon that I am a butterfly, the like’s, the tweets, the shares, those hearts and hooting on a social platform is all that – on I rely. So I buckle up my shoes and pack up my bags and run to a place to find peace within and escape from reality. To all my virtual friends, I am now the most happening one. Holding an Imaginary trophy with my head under the crown for now I have something to advertise on. A Trophy for being another scapegoat in the world of copious robots.

But in Solitude to myself I will never lie. I run so far only to find that no matter how much I run, I can’t run away from me myself and I. How and why does the whole thing called recluse bring peace to my head. My head that’s always drawn towards this strange pull that I truly love. I love it yes, but not always why? Nah I am no introvert, neither an extrovert. But I do not justify the qualities of an ambivert either!

And so here I have transitioned to a travelling soldier, a creepy blogger and a crumpled up loser but socially I am a follower of the trend that takes my whole generation by a tornado. That’s what our lives are all about, sounds real sad but when was the last time we had a soulful conversation about the minute things that define life grotesquely ? The smell of mushy mud, the pesky pimple in your private part and the wildest fantasies in your wicked world of dreams? I do not remember when I last played with patterns of my shadows under the lambent moonlight during this whole marathon.

Still doesn’t sound better to me than those you tube views, the pompous posts and the syndrome of selfies. I only get high with a top rank in the worldly play. I want to be the protagonist, I want to be the unique one, and I want to win over every one! Who am I? A social butterfly.


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