Here I come ready to frame the first adventure of my life. It is the first trek that I have done and words can’t suffice the gush of my feelings that want to convey I did achieve something that is not easy. I made it to the top. The top of Kalavantin Durg. Prabalgad

I must say it was more like a thrilling hunt to quench the insane thirst of pure oxygen up above on the top. Irony being we the human lot who suffocate in the self-inflicted polluted civilization, wanting to get back to the uncivilized, unexplored and pristine place finding life on these demonic mountains that are untarnished and never leashed by the sprawl of our very own urbanist buildings. The cameras, the internet check in’s, all in all the wired generation which I am a part of, rightly answered my quest for the irony that I was referring to. Wondering if most of us where drifting towards the destiny simply for the sake of spending some quality time close to nature or not I start the ultimate journey.

It was time to brace myself for what was coming. To my anxiety I wore my shoes in reverse! Face palm! I did and the crime I committed was already captured in the wireless remote that controls most of our lives. The actual job of trekking now begins along these friendly rock ribbed green paths that do the tad bit of advising if you give ear to them. Fast forwarding the scenes to reach the spot, we end up at this beautiful landscape surrounded by nothing but just mountains. These mountains that look huge seemed to me like possessed beings awaiting without a blink since ages sitting right there to eat us all up. Yes I was in, In to surrender all my sins to this hulk like looking principal to the school called earth :D. We reached to the flat top of a mountain that we called as base camp.

Soon after we were rejuvenated by the superabundant energy at this little plateau, we head towards the perplexing part that gives you an acute pain down the last spine of your chord when you look at those silky fluky curves. With hopes of possible fortune each of us crawl like the army of ants up for a task. Once on the top of the pinnacle it seemed like all the difficulties and complains each of us had, had with life seemed to disappear into nowhere up there. I must say I was thrilled to death. Stunned at this Seventh heavens beauty that lifted all the sorrows away I Stood there while the twilight zone heard the awe from my dumbfounded silence.

As the stars guided us back we descended to the base camp to cuddle with the clouds in the lap of nature. “Blissful” is just not enough to describe the time we all had at this place, we camped there, had local food, made fire the wired generation way but we did collect the sticks the nomadic style. Talking right under the stars, pointing out to the constellations, having the time of our lives we fell asleep in our tents that quivered due to the freezing cold breezes. And Voila! What did we wake up to? The blanket of clouds that we were flying on. It was always one of my wildest fantasies to touch the clouds with my hands and feel them. But I see the huge demons pampered me much and there I was with my feet above the clouds. Dismayed that the beautiful adventure ends within the blink of an eye we get back to civilization again.


Atop on the mountains,
Away from the life mundane,
I find myself at peace and sane.
For once Troubled waters in life disdained,
Sorrows of heart shunned by a speeding train,
Silence of these mountains within me I contain.
Crestfallen that Forever here I cannot remain,
Reminiscing those dancing clouds rain,
Each time a hallucinated smile on my face retained.


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